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Membership Packages:

Early Birds:

1 MonthPKR 10,500/-PKR 9,500/-PKR 18,000/-PKR 8,000/-
3 MonthsPKR 30,000/-PKR 27,000/-PKR 51,000/-PKR 22,500/-
6 MonthsPKR 57,000/-PKR 51,000/-PKR 96,000/-N/A
12 MonthsPKR 108,000/-PKR 96,000/-PKR 108,000/-N/A


1 MonthPKR 12,500/-PKR 11,500/-PKR 22,000/-PKR 9,500/-
3 MonthsPKR 34,500/-PKR 31,500/-PKR 60,000/-PKR 25,500/-
6 MonthsPKR 63,000/-PKR 57,000/-PKR 108,000/-N/A
12 MonthsPKR 114,000/-PKR 108,000/-PKR 204,000/-N/A


We can accommodate 100 early birds.
Registration fee is equal to 1 month fee for each category.
No registration fee for 6 months and 12 months membership.
50% registration waiver for early birds.
Personal training is not included.

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