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To protect your own interests, please read and agree to the below key terms and conditions, along with the full set of our terms and conditions using the link further down. By ticking the boxes below and upon completing this membership application, these terms and conditions will apply to all contracts between us.

If you are uncertain as to your rights or want an explanation about any of them, please ask us prior to continuing with this application.

In order to cancel my membership I must cancel my direct debit authorization directly with my bank or building society.

*It is my responsibility to ensure I provide my bank/building society with enough notice to prevent the next payment. VIBEGYM recommends at least 5 working days.

*Cancellations cannot be backdated and payments taken successfully will not be refunded.

*If my direct debit payment is unsuccessful, access will be denied with immediate effect and my membership will be terminated within two working days.

*If a payment is unsuccessful but I would like to continue my membership I can contact the VIBEGYM team via Telephone Number in contact us page to discuss my options.

*I am aware that in order to receive my VPT taster (if selected) my personal details will be provided to a third party. Further details can be found in the privacy policy.*